Asbestos Testing

Exposure to asbestos dust can be very dangerous to human health. In many cases, people do not even realize they have been exposed as the symptoms of most asbestos related illnesses tend to manifest years later. Many of these diseases, including Mesothelioma and lung cancer are often fatal as they are often untreatable at the late stages. Because of how easily a person can end up inhaling this dangerous substance, it is best to have a professional assess the likelihood of asbestos having been released into the air.

While it is possible to undertake testing on your own using commercially available kits, we recommend giving us a call so a specialist can step in to determine, not just if there is asbestos exposure, but to what degree. We test the damaged areas, dust on surfaces and air quality to provide you the most comprehensive results. Our testing is done free of charge so there is no need to worry about unnecessary expenses arising.

We recommend that if you discover damage to your property in areas likely to feature asbestos materials, that you simply close off the room and call us to carry out an assessment. This is especially important with older buildings, the majority of which feature the use of asbestos materials in such as wall insulation, pipe covering, vinyl floor tiles and siding shingles. Call out customer service line to find out more about our asbestos testing service and schedule a free inspection.

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos is a very common material used in the construction of homes, vehicles and other items. Despite its usefulness in these areas, it can be highly dangerous when airborne and inhaled by humans. There has been sufficient evidence over the years to prove that exposure to asbestos dust can lead to several very serious ailments, many of which can be difficult to detect in the early stages and possibly fatal.

Many Canadian homes have been built with materials that contain asbestos. This is due to delays in banning its use. Many homes that are older than 5 years will likely have some aspect of the construction featuring asbestos, including insulation, spackling, exterior sidings and ductwork. If the affected areas remain undisturbed, the occupants of the building can likely avoid exposure to the dust. If there is however some renovation work or damage that disturbs these areas, then asbestos dust may go airborne and contaminate the property, making it unsafe for habitation.

Our asbestos abatement services are designed to help contain the risk of asbestos removal so that any renovation work can be carried out safely. We will work with your construction team to help ensure that no or minimal asbestos is released and guarantee a safe working, and eventually, safe living space. Our asbestos abatement services can also be applied where there is no immediate need for removal services. Depending on the situations assessed, we may be able to avoid the more costly work of removal and simply contain the damage to allow you safe occupy the building. Call out customer service line to find out more about our asbestos abatement services and schedule a free inspection.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal work is highly delicate and dangerous. In the short term, there is often no evidence that any damage has been down, but as research and past evidence shows, inhalation of asbestos dust can have devastating consequences. From Mesothelioma to asbestosis, the effects of this exposure can manifest many years after the inhalation and with little warning. This is what makes asbestos exposure so dangerous. The likely illnesses that can result tend to make themselves evident at the later stages, and increase the likelihood of fatality.

To help limit this risk for the occupants of a structure that may include asbestos removal, it is important to have professionals undertake any removal work. There are many situations that may require property owners to remove sections of buildings that contain asbestos materials. In such situations, special equipment and training is required to ensure minimal danger to the occupants and other workers. Not only do we safely remove the asbestos materials, we will also clean up any other exposed surfaces, and check to ensure air quality has been restored. We make use of HEPA filtered units and vacuums to guarantee quality results.

Depending on the agreed upon terms, we can also undertake to replace the removed materials with suitable safe alternatives like fiberglass pipe coverings. Our specialists will consult with you to find an affordable and safe alternative that will allow you to continue with your renovation work unhindered. Call out customer service line to find out more about our asbestos removal services and schedule a free inspection.

Tile Removal

Tile removal is a common DIY project for many homeowners. Unfortunately, this work can turn dangerous is asbestos materials was used during their installations. Asbestos is a very dangerous material that when inhaled can result in several serious illnesses. What is worse is that those that are affected not only endanger their lives, but also the lives of any others they come in contact with and can inhale the dust of their clothing and skin. The illnesses that can result can manifest years later, when it is too late for any effective treatment to be undertaken.

We offer an affordable tile removal service that will not only ensure the safe removal of asbestos materials, but also their safe disposal. Our teams are made up of highly professional individuals who will ensure that the surfaces and air are cleared of any asbestos material. The work will be completed in such a way as to allow you to immediately get to work laying new tiles as desired. We ensure proper containment of the area so that this removal process does not have to interfere with any other renovation work being undertaken elsewhere in the building.

We offer quick turnaround on our services and can scale up or scale down our teams and equipment according to the size of the project. Our goal is to ensure the quick removal of dangerous materials and guarantee a safe working and living environment for the occupants. Call our customer service line to find out more about our tile removal service and schedule a free inspection.

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